Who is diego gonzalez boneta dating

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Diego Andres Gonzalez Boneta was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but has citizenship in the three different countries!

Diego has been acting and singing since he was a kid, appearing in several Spanish-language soap operas (called telenovelas) and rose to fame when landed a role on the teen telenovela Rebelde. In 2010 he started to land English speaking roles on American TV, starring for a time on ABC’s hit teen mystery show , which was released in June 2012.In 2005, he joined the popular Mexican teen series "Rebelde." "The movie is a love story told through the music of Pat Benetar, Bon Jovi, Journey, Poison, Twisted Singer and other '80s artists.Cruise, who plays the rocker Stacee Jaxx, will sing the Bon Jovi anthem "Dead or Alive." Singing won't be a problem for Boneta, who sold more than 100,000 albums in Brazil alone. Diego’s grandmother Ana María was born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico.Roberto was the son of Trinidad Lima and Natalia Sánchez.

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