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The diversity goals of the institution, division of student affairs, and the unit will be addressed in all recruitment and selection processes.Units may use different processes for recruitment depending upon the circumstances surrounding the need to fill the position, but must take steps to ensure that the values of the profession are applied in all procedures that are used.Additionally, if you participate in the Cadet for a Day program, there is an interview provided by the cadet host on campus and there is no need to request an interview.If you are visiting campus for another program and would like an interview while you are at the Coast Guard Academy, please contact your Admissions Officer.These guidelines are intended to be consistent with existing law. 1 of 1978, in the administration and enforcement of Executive Order 11246, as amended by Executive Order 11375 (hereinafter "Executive Order 11246"); by the Civil Service Commission and other Federal agencies subject to section 717 of Title VII; by the Civil Service Commission in exercising its responsibilities toward State and local governments under section 208(b)(1) of the Intergovernmental-Personnel Act; by the Department of Justice in exercising its responsibilities under Federal law; by the Office of Revenue Sharing of the Department of the Treasury under the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972, as amended; and by any other Federal agency which adopts them. Employment decisions include but are not limited to hiring, promotion, demotion, membership (for example, in a labor organization), referral, retention, and licensing and certification, to the extent that licensing and certification may be covered by Federal equal employment opportunity law. These guidelines apply only to selection procedures which are used as a basis for making employment decisions.

Validation is basically done by the testers during the testing. Incidents can also be of type ‘Question’ where the functionality is not clear to the tester.An Academy Admissions Partner or Admissions Officer will contact you if an interview can be scheduled.The Academy Admissions Partner is a local representative in your area; the Admissions Officer could contact you if they will be working in the area.While validating the product if some deviation is found in the actual result from the expected result then a bug is reported or an incident is raised. Hence, validation helps in unfolding the exact functionality of the features and helps the testers to understand the product in much better way. Also Read: What is Verification in Software Testing?"An excellent student affairs staffing program begins with hiring the right people and placing them in positions with responsibilities that allow them to maximize their skills, knowledge, and talents in the pursuit of student affairs purposes . The second commandment is to do it the right way." Topics on this Page Rationale for Recruitment and Selection Policy Recruitment and Selection Policy Statement Using the Staffing Model in Recruitment and Selection Avoiding Ethical Breaches When Conducting a Candidate Search Higher education is a human resource intensive enterprise.

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