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I've updated the list with some issues, some of which were able to be solved server-side (no patch required). We’re sharing a list of known issues with new champ select to consolidate feedback and bug reports.

Like all other features, we’re taking an iterative approach to new champ select, and will be building on the feature in the months to come. * Unable to disable animations in new champ select.

They were running fine yesterday with the same content. Nothing wrong with our network either, we're having no other issues.

Dear Robb, Sorry for the late reply, below is the info, thanks.

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When you select a playlist, you’ll be able to see all upcoming songs and choose to play all, or select an individual song to listen to from that playlist.

If you see anything outside these issues, post here! * Champion ability details do not show on mouse hover.

We’re planning to fix all of these issues over the next few patches. * The “ See more stats” button in the Leagues tab of the Profile page has been disabled for both individuals and teams.

Come in today and neither of our main displays are displaying content correctly.

The background images (Using Image Folder Widget) are blank and half the slides are not displaying, instead showing a message 'Please wait while your image is downloaded.'I've restarted the presentations, restarted the machines and both issues persist.

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