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Even though several are going to be able to make it to my wedding, there are even more that won't be able to make it.Not to mention family and friends who won't be able to make an international trip, or who are in poor health and aren't supposed to travel.

Back in March, one of my fabulous internet groups had several members who attended an expo in Chicago.

You can then configure ‘zones’ which are rectangular areas within the webcam’s view which will be used for detecting motion.

You might select your baby’s cot, a cat flap or door, or the space where you park your car.

As expected, I tried drilling through the brick using a hammer drill and the drill bit that came with it. full reviewVIDEOID:6dfebf65ec3eb3f4e16bfa15025a9727This is a very nice security camera, extremely easy to set up!After reading the directions I first downloaded the app to my smart phone and registered an account.


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