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Add to this the One Touch II’s generous 300GB capacity, its speedy transfer speeds, and the option to connect via USB 2.0 or Fire Wire 400, and we’re sold.-Dylan Tweney SPECS: Maxtor One Touch II0Weight: 3.3 pounds Size: 8.6 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches Specs: 300GB; USB 2.0, Fire Wire 400 ports; AC powered; backup software included * * * 1/2Mobile Choice Link: Maxtor One Touch II Link broken? Maintaining updated Seagate External Hard Drive software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.Using outdated or corrupt Seagate External Hard Drive drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.The newer PL2771 does get supplied with i SMART s/w... via SITECOM e SATA Cardbus Card CB-040 v1 001; USB: not working - on Linux at least, "smartctl -r ioctl,3 -i" always aborts with SCSI_ASC_UNKNOWN_FIELD for both sat and usbjmicron (see also standardized usb_stor_sense_invalid CDB array as used by Linux transport.c, cypress_atacb.c!! Maxtor’s One Touch II can save you from that miserable fate by making backups as simple as poking a little blue button.The following tables list USB devices that have been successfully or unsuccessfully (below) tested with smartmontools. If you have a device not on this list, please tell us the test result, by editing the tables below, and/or by sending an email to the smartmontools-database mailinglist.While you are at it: If your device is not listed Very fragile, many commands don't finish correctly and/or give errors.

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Seagate Technology got its start in 1978 as a leading hard drive provider. That’s why no one backs up — and why, one day, you’ll inevitably lose everything you own to a hard-drive crash.The earlier versions of the Maxtor One Touch were plagued by balky, flaky software that was often hard to configure. Once configured, you can leave it on and forget about it — or push the glowing button on the front of the drive to start an on-the-spot backup.We assumed it was part of product registration and gave it permission, but were surprised and somewhat concerned that the traffic monitor in our taskbar lit up and stayed that way.We found that Retrospect was using two TCP ports and .

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