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“So let’s not let any generation be denied the opportunity of letting those parts of their imaginations [thrive].” An emotional Patti Smith, accompanied on piano by her daughter Jessie, then performed the song, mixing up the lyrics a little and pausing at times to compose herself.

Built in part of the grounds of Speke Hall, Liverpool (Speke) Airport, as the airport was originally known, started scheduled flights in 1930 with a service by Imperial Airways via Barton Aerodrome near Eccles, Salford and Castle Bromwich Aerodrome, Birmingham to Croydon Airport near London. By the late 1930s, air traffic from Liverpool was beginning to take off with increasing demand for Irish Sea crossings, and a distinctive passenger terminal, control tower and two large aircraft hangars were built.

Downtown Music CEO Justin Kalifowitz said: “We are delighted to have worked with the National Music Publishers’ Association in recognizing Yoko Ono’s contribution to this extraordinary song.

It was truly a historic evening for sharing credit where credit was due.” At the ceremony, held at Cipriani, Yoko took the stage to accept her award in a wheelchair, pushed by Sean.

Those other seven models, though, will obviously be dressed in more conservative colors.

UPDATED: At the annual meeting of the National Music Publishers Association in New York on Wednesday, Yoko and Sean Ono Lennon received the organization’s new Centennial Song award for John Lennon’s legendary 1971 song “Imagine” — and Yoko received more than that.

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