Intimidating colors to wear

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This bell-sleeve top is made by the same designer as my dress, and I can see it paired as easily with jeans for casual cool dinner with girlfriends as it can be dressed up with a pencil skirt for day at the office. Dressed up with a midi skirt or paired with your favorite skinny jeans for a casual day at the office, the color and style are just dynamite.

First, I would not advise someone to wear a navy blouse with a black suit unless I’d seen it first to make sure it was clearly navy blue and there was no whiff of “I got dressed in the dark and thought I was wearing all black.” Second, I normally wear black tops with gray suits (hello, New Yorker here), as well as darker jewel tones.All the other hues can be created by combining primary colors.For some reason, gritty loners, hulking brutes, and all around uber-manly characters tend to gravitate towards at least one decidedly un-manly interest or hobby.Immediately, both of them said I should get the black suit because the navy would be too dark for a light gray suit.They said the gray suit should be worn with lighter colors.

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