Funny dating jokes and date humor

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They also found the same results in evaluating dating profiles.

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Why is everyone looking for somebody with a sense of humor and why is it the most important trait?The following bit is a good example of the Seinfeld strategy:"If you give comedians a choice between saying something insightful, to change the way people see the world, without making anyone laugh, and telling a bunch of jokes that don't say much but do make people laugh," he said, "a comedian will always take the laughs.""When people say they're looking for someone with a 'good' sense of humor, they mean a well-matched sense of humor," said Mc Graw."You shouldn't just have an arsenal of jokes that everyone finds funny.But it wasn't until I met my first true funny girl that I was opened up to a whole other level of humorous possibility.I realized these girls I'd dated in the past weren't really funny at all. Sure, they looked hot while they were laughing at all my jokes, which stroked my ego in all the right places, but all it means is they can appreciate jokes.

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