Dating a martin trumpet imperial

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In 1871 the original Martin factory was destroyed by the great Chicago fire.

The family lost everything and was reunited three days after the fire when they met on the shores of Lake Michigan.

In 1876 the family moved to Elkhart, Indiana, where John Henry became an employee of the early Conn Company.

During this period his employment was sporadic and he worked for other instrument manufacturers.

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The closest analog to our Heidelbergensian pre-lingual proto-human ancestors half a million years ago would be wolves.John Henry (Johann Heinrich) Martin was born February 24, 1835, in Dresden, Germany.He learned to make instruments in the old way as an apprentice to the instrument maker Christian Hammig of Markneukirchen, Germany, from 1850-54, according to the archives of Musikinstrumenten-Museum.Some of these companies were The Michigan Musical Manufacturing Company of Detroit, Michigan and the early York & Sons Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.Because of ill health, he retired from making instruments in 1902 and died on November 25, 1910. From about 1890 he worked for Conn as his father had done.

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